20 years of FSC Italy: Printer Trento, the first certified printer in Italy

In 2021 we are happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FSC Italy, firstly arrived in our country in 2001 and among Printer Trento’s walls in 2006.

FSC, meaning The Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organization that gave birth to a system of certifications internationally recognized. Their aim is to promote a controlled management of forests and related products. Products as for example paper – therefore Printer Trento has always been actively involved.


The story and timeline of FSC

If we speak of dates, the first FSC council meets in 1993. But it does not take long before the FSC councils land in Italy, in 1996. However, it is only in 2001 that FSC Italy starts to provide its certification service in our country.

The story of FSC is intertwined with Printer Trento in 2006, when we obtain the first certification and we become the first FSC certified printer in Italy.

From the very beginning, the whole of Italy, and Printer Trento as well, showed active interest towards the forest issue. In particular, towards products of the forests. This is how Italy ranks fifth in the world classification for the FSC certification of CoC: Chain of Custody.


The Certification of Chain of Custody

But what is it? The FSC certification splits into two typologies, depending on the object of the certification. We can distinguish the Forest Management certification, which guarantees a forest management according to environmental, social, and economical standards.

On the other hand, we are involved in the certification called Chain of Custody. This is the immediate next step to the forest itself. Thanks to this certification, in fact, we guarantee that the materials coming from forests (in our case, paper!) are trackable and obtained from certified planting.

This certification is mandatory to print or add the FSC logo on the products.


Printer Trento: FSC speaking of numbers

Throughout the years, sustainability and the research of certified raw materials have achieved a significant involvement. We have proof of this growth when we look at our numbers. Especially, when we compare the certified and not certified paper data in recent years.

As the above graphic shows, the certified paper requests in our production chain experienced a dramatic rising. From 2019, the percentual usage of certified paper exceeded the demand of not certified paper. This continued until year 2020, when we faced promising numbers. Therefore, the certified paper reached the 64% of overall paper demand.
Together with FSC certified paper, the percentages below also include paper with PEFC certification: Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, a non-profit organization that pursues similar goals as FSC, by implementing a sustainable management of forest heritage.


Future and Innovation of FSC Italy

We are proud to renovate our certification for the last 15 years. From day one, we adhere to the principles applied until now, and we will now support the new targets FSC is introducing in its certification standards.

With the 20th anniversary, FSC aims to innovation. It will in fact incorporate Requirements on Fundamental Rights of Work in their Chain of Custody certification standards. In this way, FSC means that in order to obtain or renovate the certification, one’s must respect the fundamental agreements supported by ILO, International Labour Organization.

What occasion could be better than the 20th anniversary of FSC Italy, to celebrate the goals we reached together? Goals that we will continue to achieve thanks to our consistency, involvement, and your support.

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