PT Podcast – Interview with Luigi Fieni and Kenneth Parker

Imagine being on a journey, in a country culturally distant from what you are used to and being impressed by their customs, traditions, colors and the majesty of their landscapes.   Now imagine having a professional SLR camera with you, repeating the journey for 20 years, and telling different nuances of the country that fascinated […]

The Book of the Skelligs presented at the White House

The Book of the Skelligs, printed by us and published by Cork University Press, was presented at the White House in Washington. At a breakfast hosted by U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, the book was presented to Doug Emhoff, her husband as well as Second Gentleman. This achievement is […]

Stefano Torrione tells us all about Intra Montes

Following American Chrome’s great success, Stefano Torrione introduces his latest book: “Intra Montes”.   What could be better than the author himself describing his own work? We’d like to thank him for his kind availability and hand the floor to him:   “I started thinking about the Intra Montes project in 2018, while I was […]

Stefano Torrione talks about American Chrome

No one can describe a book better than the author himself. Therefore, we asked the popular photographer Stefano Torrione to tell us more about his last work: American Chrome.   We would like to thank him for his friendliness and give him the floor. Previous Next “This is a book which collects all of my first photographs. […]

Conferment of Confindustria Prize: Pioneers of Industry in Trentino-Alto Adige region

On the occasion of the general meeting of the organisation Confindustria Trento, that took place in October in Riva del Garda, the prize for the “Pioneers of the Industry in Trentino Alto-Adige” was conferred. We are proud to celebrate the presence and awarding of the founder and current CEO of Printer Trento: Dario Martinelli. Mr. […]

20 years of FSC Italy: Printer Trento, the first certified printer in Italy

In 2021 we are happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FSC Italy, firstly arrived in our country in 2001 and among Printer Trento’s walls in 2006. FSC, meaning The Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organization that gave birth to a system of certifications internationally recognized. Their aim is to promote a controlled management of […]

Not the average book: House for a Boxer

Publishing house Hatje Cantz has entrusted us with the extraordinary book “House for a Boxer”. This is not the average book, and in this article we are discovering why. From the first glance, this book instils a vivid curiosity. You can see from the start that this is something peculiar, uniquely designed and carefully realized. […]


It is essential to play an active role in the environmental protection and this commitment has always been a trait of ours. We are constantly looking for new technologies to minimize our ecological impact. Thanks to our collaboration with Climate Partner, we can offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions. What is Climate Partner? We have decided to […]


The great photographer Sebastião Salgado traveled through the Brazilian Amazonia for six years and immortalized its immense beauty. Salgado has crossed this extraordinary region passing through its forests, its rivers, its mountains, and meeting dozens of indigenous tribes that inhabit it, such as the Yanomami, the Asháninka, the Yawanawá, the Suruwahá, the Zo’é, the Kuikuro, […]


Despite our sector tends to don’t be seemingly ECO-FRIENDLY, in Printer Trento we have a strict ethics about it: We don’t use paper and materials whose traceability and provenance are not public. We are always looking for more environmentally friendly and ecologically alternatives to traditional printing methods. Often, this continuous research results in surprising discoveries. […]

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