The art of printing since 1980

About us

Our story began in 1980 thanks to the enthusiasm of Dario Martinelli, founder, owner and current general manager, and Gianni Girardi, co-owner and founder.
Printer Trento was born in a small plant near Trento, northern Italy, with four employees and two printing presses.
After over 40 years of consistent growth, Printer Trento is now a well-known and respected company with 150 people working in the printing plant in Trento and at our bindery in Aldeno. Our close-knit sales network enables us to work with prestigious customers from all around the world.


Printer Trento Group consists of 4 plants:

  • 2 printing plants;
  • 1 binding plant;
  • 1 logistic warehouse.


  • 6 large format offset printing machines;
  • Integrated and short supply chain located in an area of 30 km means a remarkable efficiency and a very low carbon footprint;
  • Graphic arts experts inspired by the great Italian artists.


Printer Trento can count on over 150 people divided as follows:

  • 40 printing masters;
  • 10 prepress technicians;
  • 10 technical and logistics experts;
  • 15 sales and post sales;
  • 90 binding experts.


  • Production and delivery of books in 15 days;
  • RFQ and production plan managed in 24 hours;
  • About 15 million books printed every year.

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