Plastic Free Book

Printer Trento has always paid great attention to new technologies at every stage of the production process

Environmental sustainability

At Printer Trento, we are working towards recyclable books eliminating plastic in all production phases:
from raw materials to packaging.

Aluminium plates

By 2020 100% of plates will be process-less, without the use of any chemical product. High purity aluminium (99.5%) suitable for reuse.

Certified paper

The paper we use is produced by certified forests in which reforestation is scheduled. Chlorine is not used to whiten papers, respecting the environment and local welfare.


Vegetable ink

In our inks, dyes are mixed in vegetable oil.


To be reused, paper must be de-inked.
The inks we use meet the “good” level of the INGEDE -11 evaluation method.

Plastic free in every detail


Thread, head and tail bands and ribbon markers

Entirely plastic-free using compounds of textile fibres extracted from cellulose.


The glues we use are Free of Phthalates, Organic Solvents, Polyethylene, PET, Polypropylene and PVC. Our aim is to increase the percentage of naturally derived polymers, currently 50%.


Made of recycled cardboard of controlled origin.


Biodegradable laminate

The film we use is made from cellulose or cotton, certified (UNI EN ISO 13432),
does not contain oil derivatives or GMO starch, is safe to incinerate and decomposes.


A bioplastic material composed of corn starch, vegetable oils and water. Certificate (UNI EN ISO 13432), biodegradable and compostable.


Eco-friendly paper, cardboard and compostable bubble wrap enabling packaging to be disposed of in a way that respects the environment.

20,000 litres chemicals per year less. Savings of 50,000 litres of water. We produce 30% of the electricity we use.

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