It is essential to play an active role in the environmental protection and this commitment has always been a trait of ours.
We are constantly looking for new technologies to minimize our ecological impact. Thanks to our collaboration with Climate Partner, we can offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions.


What is Climate Partner?

We have decided to undertake a journey with Climate Partner, with the aim to compensate the CO2 emissions. Throughout our production chain, we have always implemented innovative strategies, both technical and technological, that lead us to a significant reduction of the CO2.
Where it is not possible to cut it, we want to offset it.
In fact, everything is achievable thanks to Climate Partner – a certified company that allows us to offset the emissions produced, through sustainability projects all over the world.


How we minimize the Carbon Footprint of our products

Today we offer the chance to quantify the CO2 emitted for our products and to compensate all of it.

Together with Climate Partner, you can choose from a wide range of internationally recognized projects. Thanks to each of these initiatives, you will help to protect the environment, as well as support local communities.
It’s a way for you to actively take part in the green change. In other words, thanks to our certification, you can now cut the CO2reduce the greenhouse gas, and help people living in the poorest countries in the world.


Printer Trento and the Clean Ocean project

Among the many projects providing support to the environmental protection, we have decided to show our sensitivity to the oceans safeguard. We have in fact joined the Clean Oceans project.

Ocean waters store one quarter of the overall CO2, therefore they are renowned as the major brake we have against climate change. We believe that contributing to the cleaning of the oceans is a significant action in terms of environmental protection.
Clean Oceans allows to prevent plastic pollution to enter the oceans, by involving local communities actively and playing a role in their support. Thus, it is the local people who take care of the plastic waste collection. In particular, they can directly exchange the collected plastic with essential goods, or even to pay tuition fees.

From theory to practice, for every ton of compensated CO2, 10kg of plastic waste are collected.


A crystal-clear communication: experiencing the CO2 compensation

What makes us so proud is the unique chance to print and touch your commitment to the environment. How’s it possible? In the first place, Climate Partner provides us with an ID number. Thanks to this number you can keep track of the exact emissions of the product that we are absorbing.

Not just ocean cleaning!

Through our Climate Partner certification, you can decide depending on your own sensitivity what project to support to make your products CO2 neutral.

A concrete example showing proof of our commitment to Carbon Footprint reduction is the splendid title “Gemla”, published by Bokförlaget Arena, who had the chance, through our certification, to contribute to climate protection by compensating its emissions.
With the customized logo printed on its pages, every reader can track the CO2 offsetting!

There are no excuses any more to ignore the climate issue we are facing.

Everyone should be involved in the environment protection and at Printer Trento we keep doing our utmost, with you!

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