Printer Trento, an eco-sustainable solution

As from today Printer Trento offers to our customers climate-neutral products. Printer Trento has always been extremely aware of the negative impact that every manufacturing has on the environment. With this in mind the company has decided to make a difference by offering to all customers the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their products by investing in eco-sustainable projects managed by ClimatePartner.

There are two fundamental steps in Printer Trento’s eco sustainable project; the first is to calculate the carbon emissions generated in the production process (company ecological footprint); the second is to identify an eco-sustainable project to offset CO2, enabling publishers to produce a zero-impact book.
For each zero impact print order, you receive a specific label with an ID number, which can be affixed to the product, so that the project can be clearly traced.
This process has been approved by the certification body TÜV Austria.

“At Printer Trento, in fact, we are all convinced that, if we wish to limit global warming, each of us must do his part. For this reason, we have joined the ‘Print Carbon Neutrality’ program: a tangible contribution to neutralizing the Company Carbon Footprint “.
Susanna Geier (Sales Director)

If you, like us, are interested in protecting the planet and want to learn more about the climate-neutral project and to have a zero-impact ecological footprint, do not hesitate to contact us.

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