Printer Trento celebrates 40 years of activity and renews its image by launching a new website

Forty years ago, in 1980, Dario Martinelli and Gianni Girardi founded Printer Trento in a small plant, with 4 employees and 2 printing machines.
They possessed a bold vision. The printing of a book had to be, in itself, a work of art.
To follow this vision they made Printer Trento a cutting-edge printing company. Printer Trento is now an internationally acknowledged printing company. It employs 150 workers, in charge of printing and bookbinding and it works with high-profile clients all over the world.
The company wishes to express its gratitude to its clients, for the ongoing partnership and for all the projects and challenges that have allowed us to grow and improve.
These 40 years were instrumental in preparing us to confront the significant challenges that are expected of us for example: “plastic free” and 15-days delivery have already become part of our standard operations and a UV LED printing machine will be installed in the next few months.
This year, to celebrate our 40th birthday, Printer Trento has decided to renew its image and has launched its new website.

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