The great photographer Sebastião Salgado traveled through the Brazilian Amazonia for six years and immortalized its immense beauty.

Salgado has crossed this extraordinary region passing through its forests, its rivers, its mountains, and meeting dozens of indigenous tribes that inhabit it, such as the Yanomami, the Asháninka, the Yawanawá, the Suruwahá, the Zo’é, the Kuikuro, the Waurá, the Kamayurá, the Korubo, the Marubo, the Awá and the Macuxi.

Salgado dedicates this photographic project to these tribes, showing their family ties, their habits, their traditions, their dances, and their rituals.

«I hope with all my heart, my energy and my passion that 50 years from now this book will not be the testimony of a lost world. The Amazonia must continue to live ». – Sebastião Salgado

We are honored to have contributed to the realization of this splendid work.

It was also an immense pleasure to have enjoyed the presence in our offices of such a sensitive and inspired artist.


Here you can find the extraordinary interview made to Salgado by ZDF TV in our offices:

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