Product innovation: between vacuum shrinkwrapping and design

Many books we produce are real masterpieces in terms of design. To meet our customers’ marketing aims we are often asked to employ peculiar and innovative techniques.
Here are some:


Printer Trento presents: the vacuum shrinkwrapping


A book can be shrink-wrapped. This happens many times. Publishers require shrink-wrapping to protect the book, giving it an “extra value” and a more luxurious look.

But here the request was different.
“Can you shrink wrap a book under vacuum?”
That, is, removing all the air from the plastic film?
Honestly, we didn’t know how to tackle this challenge.

But since: “Never say no to a customer”, we found a solution here, invested in a new machine and managed to produce the volume as requested.

And as from today, we can offer this special finishing too.

In the end, our customers are always the real engines of innovation. Thank you!

Designing Your World, Wolterinck – TERRA

Hardback book covered in cloth with foil blocking, 2 colors, on front and spine. The special feature is the digitally printed colour on three sides of the bookblock creating a marble effect. An interesting and appropriate choice for a book on interior design.
Together with the hardback book, a smaller booklet with singer stitching has been produced, placed under the vertical band bellyband on the back cover.

La fabrique de l’histoire de l’art, 200 revues, 1903-1969 – TEXTUEL

This book also features colored edges, but in this case the colour on the book block is in register with the printing on the cover. This is possible thanks to the digital printing technique, which allows images or text to be reproduced on three sides of the book, matching the colours on the cover printed offset.

Chanel Eternal Instant – J12.

It was a high-profile title aiming at reflecting the elegance and finesse of the Chanel J12 watches.
The hardback book was inserted in a slipcase and, in order to make the surface of both elements smoother, the greyboard was lined with a 1/s coated cardboard.As the publisher wanted a deep black for the case and slipcase, we printed them with a high-pigmented black ink and then used anti-scratch matt lamination to protect them.

The artwork of the watches on both the book and the slipcase has been realized with raised gloss spot UV varnish.

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