Product innovation: new books, new techniques and materials

Great excitement and expectations during the meeting among all the colleagues in the sales and customer care department where we share the most innovative products made by Printer Trento in recent months. The formula is very simple: each one presents a new and original workmanship, book or material that struck him and that he believes can also captivate book lovers as well as our customers. The table soon fills with books, here some examples:

Jubiläumspublikation – ISTITUT LADIN MICURA’ DE RU

Official book of the Ladin speaking community whose production proved to be challenging.
The peculiarity of this book lies in the various techniques employed in the production process.
Here the steps:

  • Bodonian binding
  • open spine, coloured thread
  • front and back cover panel on 3mm black board flush cutted, screen printed 2 cols. (white + fluoro)
  • debossing on front cover panel
  • 68pp cutted to a smaller size (vertical cut)
  • fluoro printing on spine
  • fluoro spray on three edges of bookblock – same colour of text printed on spine
  • partial jacket folded 2 times (concertina fold)

It was a challenge and we are extremely proud of the finished result!

THE HOUSE OF GLAM – Die Gestalten

The specimen case I brought to you attention is peculiar because of the blocking. The blocking partially stretches on the case linen, as well as on a sticker applied on a debossed area. The execution had to be handled carefully because of the different levels (debossing, sticker and blocking) so that there is continuity and homogeneity, especially in the gap between the debossed area and the rest of the board.

We chose to proceed as follows:

  • Application of the linen
  • Debossing of the area for the sticker
  • Application of the label
  • Blocking

The customer was really pleased with the result:


Peculiar is the back endpaper wrapping around the book block, hiding the foredge and creating the optical illusion of an ‘object’ rather than a book. This illusion is emphasized by the glossy spot UV band on the back endpaper in correspondence of the foredge, simulating another square back. In order to obtain this result the back endpaper must be glued with utmost precision and the scoring at the sides of the spot UV band has to be very accurate.

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