Books are documents that stand the test of time, enduring. You can visit an exhibition, but it’s ephemeral. You might see a show, leave, and then forget about it, but a book remains. It can be picked up and read over and over again. For me, that’s why books are so important.

“Workers” is the photographic book by Sebastiao Salgado, offering an archaeological perspective on manual labor, starting from its origins.

The book is divided by categories of work, beginning with the section dedicated to industry and extending to construction.

Many of the professions of the past have now disappeared, others will continue for only a little while longer, but some are fortunate enough to be forever immortalized through the photographs of the great master.

“Workers” does not surprise with the work activities themselves, but with the way they are captured, conveying a strong determination on the part of the workers, often despite extreme conditions.

Salgado emphasizes that, although these are events of the past, photography possesses a unique power: “With a single shot, a moment is captured destined to last forever, becoming a precious historical and anthropological archive.

Within the book, you will find touching images that show the hellish landscape of an Indonesian sulfur mine, the drama of traditional tuna fishing in Sicily, and the extraordinary endurance of Brazilian gold miners.

We are left to introduce you to the video below.

We are honored to have contributed to the creation of this work of art.

Below are some unpublished shots during the press pass.

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